The Rwandan Diaspora Learning Network

The Rwandan Diaspora Learning Network (RDLN) is a network of cultural, government and non-government organisations (NGOs) created in 2017. It actively advances learning and multi-sector dialogue on the role and contribution of peace, development, stability and human rights in Rwanda and Africa in general.

Through building a body of knowledge around effective engagement with local state and federal members of parliament, the strengthening of linkages with organisations, the RDA is encouraging its members to be part of both the Australian community and to contribute to a better future for Rwanda. The RDLN aims to grow as a key facilitator for better collaborations between Rwanda and Australia.

With humble beginnings RDLN aims to create a foundational learning space for participants to explore and discuss the current landscape of issues related to Rwandan and Australian projects, and supports opportunities for collaborations between multiple stakeholders.

RDLN recognises the world has witnessed substantial positive changes in Rwanda over the past few years, with many more are on the horizon. Education is playing an increasing part in the economy of Rwanda. The focused change in language instruction in schools to English is a brilliant initiatives by the Rwandan government designed specifically to earn Rwanda a place as a global player in business, diplomacy, media, and entertainment thus bringing Rwanda substantial funds and developing the nation — a goal of Vision 2020.

Why is Rwanda slowly switching to English as the official language?