English as the official language

A global news and information service, performed a survey asking global businesses in 2012, “What language do you conduct business in?”

“The survey of 16,344 employed adults in 26 countries showed over two-thirds of business people who deal with people beyond their borders said English was the language most often used…more than two thirds of workers in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa also defaulted to English.”

The brilliant direction of the Rwandan Parliament to adopt English is preparing Rwanda’s children to perform global work, increase capacity and embrace business alliances as an equal partner and desired commodity.

What can parents do to help?

The Rwandan Education Board (REB) is working diligently to make sure instruction is provided to primary education teachers, ensuring that their teaching skills meet and exceed goals set for Rwandan children. Teachers are being instructed in the newest reliable techniques in English Language Learning, effective educational methods and conflict resolution skills so that their students may have the skills necessary to fulfill the goals of VISION2020 in the workforce and in higher education. School Based Mentoring (SBM), another REB initiative, will provide well trained educational leaders, passionate about Rwandan children’s success, to each school so that teachers are supported with new methods and modern skills that work.

It is clear that children need the help of their parents. Every parent and grandparent can help in their children’s English Language Learning, regardless of what language is spoken in the home. Parents who speak little or no English can contribute to their children’s success in education in very valuable ways.
English language learners will benefit when they are encouraged to “show what they know or have learned “ when they are at home.