Rwandan Diaspora Australia Network

What we do

Rwandan Diaspora in Australia (formerly Rwandan Diaspora Queensland) works in Australia to unite all Rwandan no matter what their background.

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We rely on donations to help us support RDA and our members with training, mentoring, education and increasing their influence in Australia. Your support will have a meaningful impact and is fully tax deductible over $2.

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RDA Learning Network

The Rwandan Diaspora Learning Network (RDLN) is a network of institutions, civil society and non-government organisations (NGOs) created in 2017. It actively advances learning and multi-sector dialogue on the role and contribution of peace, development, humanitarian action and human rights in Rwanda and Africa in general.

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Rwandan Cultural (ITORERO N’INGANDO) JULY 2018

July 2018 Youths Camping (Itorero) Youths Cultural Night Overseas  Rwandan Artists: Meddy (USA) Masamba (Kigali Rwanda) Samputu (UK) Rwandans Investors to showcase products Address to be advised

Want to help?

Rwandan Diaspora Australia supports Rwandans everywhere. If you are seeking support for your development, or peace building activity, please click here to learn about how we can assist you.